10 Sensational Ideas to Try if You Have 5 Free Minutes From Your Kids

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When you know that you are about to have 5 free minutes of alone time for whatever reason, it can be easy to go into full-on panic mode and waste that time checking your stupid dumb email and even stupider Facebook.


Here are 10 alternative ideas for what you can do, and I’ve turned them into a printable as well. That way, you can tape them with washi onto the inside of your cabinet door and whip it open when the need arises. Although the need will never arise, because you will never have 5 minutes alone again. Dream on, sister.

  1. Pick your nose. Thoughtfully explore those cavities and relieve them of all superfluous contents. You’ll feel light and happy for the rest of the day.
  2.  Have a cookie-eating contest with yourself. Dig out the Thin Mints you buried deep in the back of your freezer, take a stack of them and shove them in your face.
  3. Take a nap. Just kidding, dum-dum.
  4. Write an extensive pros/cons list about getting chickens and a goat for your back yard.
  5. Crank call your husband at work.
  6. Pile on TONS of eyeliner and mascara and lipstick just for kicks.
  7. Highlight every “the” you find in the book your husband is reading and then tuck it back under his pillow.
  8. Brush up on your moonwalking.
  9. Write a quick letter to your grandma. When you remember that she died last year, send it anyway.
  10. Give yourself a loud pep talk in the bathroom mirror while scream-crying.

There you are! That’s it and I hope you are inspired to try one or several of these ideas very, very soon. Let me know how they go for you. Or perhaps you have another favorite idea? I’m all ears.

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