Apres Easter is When the Real Fun Starts

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Bright Easter eggs

I wish I could say that we played a learning game with our leftover Easter eggs. I’ve seen lots of great ideas from kid bloggers, and I’ve even intended to try some of them, but instead we wrapped up Easter the Nyberg way.

Last night after dinner, (I made this freaking amazing couscous dish, by the way. It’s a keeper.) Christian, Fen, Beckett and I were sitting around the table getting antsy. Aside: When I am at a restaurant, after everyone is finished with their meals, I feel like I want to RACE out of the place. I get so anxious about sitting at the table, and it freaks me out if we don;t get the check immediately. Anyone else have after-restaurant-meal anxiety, or am I the only freak who doesn’t like sitting around the table, leisurely digesting?

Anyheehaw, we were sitting there, and of course the Easter eggs were sitting in their original carton, just praying for someone to play math games with them. Instead, we started spinning them on the table. Christian taught Beckett the old two-thumb-spin, and it was twirly mayhem all over the place. The sounds, the colors, the sharp intake of breath as an egg nearly fell off the table, and….


Christian smashed a spinning egg with the bottom of his plate. After a second of shocked silence, we all busted out guffawing. Then….




It was so Lord of the Flies, and it got worse. Christian has a special talent for throwing items up in the air about 3 million feet, and he can sort of gauge where they’ll hit the ground. So obviously we moved the party outside to our back deck, where he enthralled us with his egg-throwing skills.

Our child is a quick learner, so Fen grabbed an egg and whipped it right over our house. Sadly, it was not seen again. I’m hoping the raccoon that tried to break into our exhaust chimney appreciates a good old hard boiled egg.

Remind me to write again about the trashy rental house we’re living in. This completely┬áproves my theory that you act according to your surroundings, and we have morphed rather solidly into redneck buffoons.


  1. PragmaticMom
    04/23/2014 / 7:27 pm

    A food fight with leftover eggs? That sounds fun! Count us in next year!

    • 04/25/2014 / 9:34 am

      You are officially invited next year. Maybe I’ll sneak in a raw egg for laffs.

  2. A Morning Grouch
    04/24/2014 / 9:47 pm

    math games??!! You don’t want to raise boring children. Bravo (says me, and the racoon).

  3. 05/05/2014 / 7:47 pm

    This cracked me up. Get it?

    We love to have hardboiled egg eating competitions after Easter. Followed by throwing up competitions. Ha ha ha, no we don’t. I eat them for breakfast and pray I don’t get poisoned by the egg dye.

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