A Big Old Gay Wedding

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I’m sorta still choked up after yesterday’s wedding. One of my closest friends in the world and his partner of 23 years were finally able to get married. I’m thinking this trumps new, young love any day of the week.

A few times during the ceremony, John and Lee mentioned that they did not intend for their wedding to be a “statement of activism”, and I’m sure everyone there was nodding internally, yet it’s hard to ignore the social and political aspects of the situation. And feel a mixture of relief and smugness that all those gay-haters are losing this battle. Ahem.

It was a very small group- only the oldest and very closest friends and relatives (and most alluring, in my case.) Lee’s parents, both in their mid-eighties and going strong, were both there.

These two fellas threw a lovely, loving party, and it was exactly the sort of wedding I would have planned for myself, had Christian and I not just eloped. It seemed, with so few people, that it was even more precious and special than many weddings, and not just because of the gay factor. Certainly it made it all the more phenomenally wonderful that they could finally legally get married, but besides that, many of us agreed that they have the quality of relationship everyone strives to have.

Besides the absolutely genius speech/ceremony performed by their good friend (who was ordained online), and the delicious food, and really interesting people, the wedding was a DIY-lover’s dream. Let’s get into the visuals now, shall we?

wedding2Fiestaware determined the colors, and quirky touches were everywhere. The food was simple and delicious. / I’m married to that gorgeous specimen.

wedding4Hi, John and Lee! Stop making us cry with your heartfelt speeches. / The signature cocktail. Cain’t remember what it is, but it tasted like a dream.

wedding6Stunning flowers, surrounded by condiments. I was in heaven. / John standing next to 2 guests, WHO BOTH WORK AT ZOOS. Instant cool factor.

diy weddingYes to all of this beautifulness.

creaturesSpied throughout the house. This might explain why John and I have been friends for so many years.

P.S. On the way to the ceremony, Christian requested that I call him “Chris-tosterone” for the rest of the day and I promptly forgot. It’s a sad moment when a wife can’t even remember to accommodate her husband’s simple wishes. 

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