Consistency is My 2016 Keyword

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I recently read about the idea of having a word that you keep in mind for the year.

This is a much easier concept than making resolutions, or even goals (although I’m trying to focus on concrete goals this year.) Basically, you’re popping a word into your head, shaking it around in there, but not freaking yourself out over it. It’s not so black and white as resolutions or goals- more of a positive suggestion to wrap your head around.

Not long after I read about it, I started seeing the concept popping up everywhere. Apparently we all like the simplicity and power of keeping a single word in mind.

The first word that blazed into my head was ‘focus’, since usually I feel like a moth at night trying to decide which is the most interesting light of 10 to fly toward.

The more I mulled it over, though, the more I wanted to break that word down even further- get a little more specific, as it were.

I love the idea of being magically more focused this year, but let’s face it- that’s a tall order much of the time. So I shifted it to ‘consistency’.

I feel like if I can start to slowly instill patterns and routines into my day and my blog, I will naturally become more focused. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? I feel like such a thought leader now.

By not having to spend mental energy on redefining each day, you open your mind up to exploring the important ideas and projects you want to tackle.

For instance, I’ve started running on my treadmill in the mornings at 6am. This is something that I’ve been doing and I don’t have to think about it anymore. I no longer turn off the alarm and debate myself over the pros and cons of sleeping in vs. exercising- it’s just a habit I’ve created for myself that uses zero decision-making room for the day.

I’ve worked out a loose posting pattern for my blog that consists of 3 posts a week, and I’ve started to pluck from my (somewhat) organized lists of post ideas depending on the category I have listed for that day.

These practices are adding to my goal to become more consistent, and I think that if I can keep up some routines, I will naturally become more focused. Maybe even laser-focused.

That’s the plan, anyway. What is your word? Do you have one? What if you had the next 1 minute to come up with one? You can always change it- let me know what pops into your head!

Or…… maybe you need a little help? I made a little list for you to choose from:


All are equally impressive words of the year, and it would be fabulously interesting to see how 2016 wraps up should you choose any of these. Lemme know, k?

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