Lately: Total Terror and a Polite Dog

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I haven’t felt such mind-numbing terror in my entire life. I willed myself to stay calm, to make my entire body go slack. My eyes stayed clamped shut and I waited, knowing it would end in a second. It would end when I shot out of the opening…of… the WATER SLIDE.

Oh. My. God. What has happened to me? Apparently I’ve officially reached the age when my mind and body reject careening through space at a zillion miles an hour in the name of fun. At age 12, as Fen is, I would have been thrilled to have my completely uneventful, eye-rollingly boring life broken up by such adventures.

Nowadays I crave the calm, the feet on the ground, the assumption that I won’t be maimed by anything or hurtle anywhere, and I can just get on with my happily moderate life. There have already been too many events. Too much crazy, and I embrace the control. Or at least the aspiration for control.

After I flew out of that tube of hell, found my way to the surface of the chlorinated pit of doom, and wobbled over to where Fen was waiting, the only thought in my head was how much I wanted a stiff drink. The 2pm beer sufficed.


In other news, I got to see the working cover of my book (MY BOOK!), and a taste of how it will look inside. (This is crazy-cool.) I’m excited about it! Of course, the perfectionist in me is wishing I had more time now to go back and redo half the projects, but I’m also relieved to be done with all the hours of work and let the publisher do what they do.


My site is almost ready to be unveiled! Remember to not be scared when my blog name is Craftwhack again, and not Tiny Rotten Peanuts. Just please enjoy the fact that you are following the most fickle blogger on all the internet. Want a sneak peek at the logo?



Finally, before I go drink my next Venti iced green tea, I’ll leave you with this thank you letter that our dog Ida sent my sister for taking care of her the night we stayed at the water park (aka my near demise).

It’s always good form to have your dog write a thank you note when someone else watches her for the night.

A photo posted by Jeanette Nyberg (@jeanette_nyberg) on

I attempted to have Ida bite the paper for that extra something special, but she told me to fuck off. Oh well, Happy Weekend, all!



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