List Problems

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One would think that in one’s own household, it would be safe to write lists of things on paper and hope that these lists would not be defiled, but one would be sadly mistaken. It seems that certain family members may find it amusing, if say, they happen to stumble upon a half-written grocery list, to add some fictional groceries that they may perhaps have hastily invented, in an attempt to elicit a chortle from the list maker.

Or take for example, a list posted gleefully onto one’s refrigerator, consisting of four plants one wants to attempt to grow this coming Spring, in a noble try to shake off the debilitating depression brought on by the winter months. And then one returns home from a lovely evening out with one’s husband, thanks her sister profusely for babysitting, only to find an addition has made its’ way onto the bottom of the list.

The next day, that selfsame person may glance at her calendar, only to see a glaring departure from what was written there just the day before. It seemed that instead of 9:15 library class on Monday, one’s “goal weight” had been changed to 915 lbs. on Monday.

Now, one may accept the debut of vandalism into one’s life, but how does one ever get over the breach of trust? List-making and calendar writing may never be the same sources of soothing comfort and order again.

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