Missing Richard Simmons: Wondering What Happened to Him?

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I’m officially obsessed with Richard Simmons as of 6:30 this morning. While ellipticalling, I decided I had grown weary of blogging and online business podcasts, so my fingers of fire flew down the screen to see what else I could wrap my mind around.

That’s when I saw it.

A new podcast called Missing Richard Simmons. And sometimes, when you aren’t awake enough to make any decisions past stepping on the elliptical, you press play and listen.

Apparently one day in 2014, old R.S. disappeared from public life and hasn’t been seen since. Some of his friends were even cut off, and he abruptly stopped teaching after over 40 years at his exercise studio. Producer/Director Dan Taberski has launched a podcast aiming to answer some of the questions surrounding his disappearance.

Now here’s the thing. I grew up watching Richard Simmons, and I was as fascinated with him as anyone, but he fell off my radar as I got older and cooler and moved to the big city and basically became too cool for anything.

Listening to this podcast has rekindled a fascination with him and his unique mixture of spastic energy, reclusiveness, compassion, neediness, and brilliance. I can’t wait to see where they go with this – and if Richard Simmons is actually ever unearthed or just finally got fucking sick of everyone.


In other news, as I was mailing Beckett’s Flat Stanley to my stepdaughter Annie today, I noticed Wonder Woman stamps were available at the post office.

Wonder Woman stamps

P.S. I know I’m not supposed to use the word ‘spastic’ because it is horribly derogatory and terribly un-pc in the UK, so I am so sorry, so very, very sorry if I offended you poodles.

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