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I suck major balls at organizing, and the irony isn’t lost on me that I own 40 white boards, 200 planners, 18,000 calendars, 20 billion bullet journal notebooks, and 500 trillion pens, post-its, stickers, and other planning accoutrements.

No sir, it is not.

But instead of giving up and becoming a mumbling recluse, buried in papers and half-crumpled notes, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and create a brand new organizational system.

Come on along!

To-Do Lists

The big problem with to-do lists is not that they aren’t effective, it’s that we write too many of them and lose them in our lady purses and all around the home. In order to solve this dilemma, I’ve taken to writing my to-do lists on giant cardboard flaps.

In order to keep my supply of giant cardboard flaps stocked, I make sure to order lots of things from Amazon every day. Here is my Amazon affiliate link in case you wish to go buy expensive things so that I may receive a commission for sending you to Amazon to buy the expensive things.

Back to the cardboard flaps. They don’t get lost, which incidentally cuts down on the chance that you will forget to do any of the items on your list. Keep a supply of nice fat Sharpies around for the purpose of writing.


Alternately, you can easily DIY a little Post-it Note necklace by drilling a hole smack in the top middle of your favorite pad, and then stringing a fashionable stringy item (preferably beaded or macrame) through it and wearing it everywhere. Tuck a li’l pencil behind your ear, or in your bra, and you’ll be good to go.


Everybody has their own favorite type of calendar, whether it be a yearly calendar, a horrible “mom” calendar with pockets and stickers and terrible illustrations, a weekly calendar, or even a massive designy calendar that you can’t even fucking write on so what’s the point. (I’m talking to you, Christian.)

I’ve settled on a hanging gossamer thread calendar that I’ve expertly woven in the middle of my kitchen. It hangs from a chandelier, and seductively sways in the breeze of my essential oil diffuser.

When I need to add to it, I simply crochet the appointment or reminder across the open square of string. I feel so creatively satisfied to be able to utilize my magic hands in this way, and then I go back to not doing any work since I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing next, because I can’t really see anything on the calendar.


I can’t ever make a decision on what type of planner to buy so I buy them all and then don’t use any of them and write everything all over the place. Everybody in the world has designed their own planner and I’m overwhelmed and confused by all the options.

In fact I’ve taken to just buying giant pieces of poster board to leave on my work table so I can write thoughts down whenever I please (the reason you aren’t laughing at this part is because it’s true. I really do this.)
Anywaysarooni, I decided if you can’t beat them, join them, so I’m designing my own planner with pages for everything you could possibly ever want to plan or track.

Here are the contents:

  • The rate of body parts aging. I’m 46 and things are starting to look grim, folks. I’ve decided to track which body parts begin to fail me first, and at what speed, and compare them against other body parts.
  • How many times my dog kicks back the grass after she has pooped. Christian told me he counted 14 times the other day, so I’m determined to see if she’s trying to communicate with us through Morse code.
  • My 2-week vacation every month surrounding my menses. During this time I like to contemplate my inner warrior goddess.
  • Taco nights
  • I like to treat myself to a little sugar each month, so the 14th of each month I allow myself one chocolate chip.
  • My 6 week standing tight perm appointment
  • Dusting the tops of the doors day
  • Scare the shit out of my neighbor. Every 2 months or so, I’ll wait for my neighbor early in the morning as she leaves her house for work. Some days I’ll be crouching in her front bushes, other times I’m sitting in the back seat of her car or slumped over her mailbox.


I keep my kids in tip top shape by tracking their accomplishments on a dry erase board inside of my pantry. Some ideas to steal:

How many times the children use a salad fork instead of a dinner fork to eat their dinner.

That’s all I track. They’re on their own besides that, as I am what you might call a “free range parent”. Gotta go! I’m only halfway into my menstruation vacation.



  1. 10/26/2016 / 9:56 pm

    Is speed blinking a thing???
    I KNEW writing wasn’t going to be my best sport.

  2. Cyndy
    10/27/2016 / 10:58 am

    I had that pad/pencil around the neck idea as well! Haha! Oi vey! I have 3 calendars that I write all the same stuff on…wall, spiral planner, phone calendar. White erase board for urgent things…caveat being to not leave the notes up there too long or your eyes no longer see them…they just blend into the white board. Post-its.stuck.EVERYWHERE. Being 46 as well, I have developed the lovely habit of starting to cook something, then turning around and within a minute or less forgetting that I am cooking, wander out of the kitchen, usually go down the hall to waste time on the computer, then anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half later, remember that, oh, yeah, I was cooking and run panic-stricken into the kitchen to find whatever it was boiling over or burning, etc. Sometimes I get lucky and there is no damage. The latest bad incident ended in a quart of sugar water I set to a boil for kombucha boiling completely away, then smoke filling the house. I had to air it out for 2 days. My husband wonders if I should be driving anymore with the way things are going! So now I have to “remember” (operative word here) to set the time whenever I put anything AT ALL on the stove so that I will “remember” that I am, in fact, cooking. Help me Rhonda. (the last time I smoked out the house I convinced myself that I didn’t need to put the timer on because “I’m sure I will remember”….famous last words. 🙂

    • 10/28/2016 / 1:33 pm

      Aw, nuts. Thank you, thank you for sharing your failing mind with me – sometimes I make myself nervous with how forgetful I’ve become. My latest kitchen problem is leaving the oven on all night. Just silently cooking nothing for 12 hours, lalalalala.

  3. 08/18/2017 / 11:54 am

    I thoughtbifninput the calendar Ina central location there would be a sort of “if you write it, they will come…and read it”, but alas my husband Must think it is super private out in the open there and displays no knowledge of the super important things I write down. He would be wise to respect the red x and several days surrounding it! First time visiting here and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. So glad I put reading this on my to do list!

    • 08/18/2017 / 11:55 am

      I have zero thumb awareness when typing on phone, so please excuse all of those typos I thought I was looking out for. If confused about any words, make up something good!

      • Jeanette
        08/18/2017 / 9:09 pm

        So you like pickles and want to buy a pony? That’s what I got out of your typing. HAHAHAHA Jk, I figured it out, bc half the time I type stuff it comes out all crazy, too.

        I actually LOVE the idea of the red X on the calendar, and think I might adopt that practice. Even just for my own amusement.

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