30 Refreshingly Unique Blog Writing Prompts

Let’s get refreshed, shall we? If you’re a blogger, you’re going to hit writing topic rock bottom at some point and probably get all pissed off and throw your pizza at the wall. I am here to ensure that no innocent pizza gets maimed.

These 30 blog post ideas will give you one for every day of a month (take a day off if it’s a 31 day month, kid.) Or you can pick 24 of your favorites to use twice a month for a whole year. Even if you don’t have a personal or lifestyle blog, people like to get to know the person behind the product or business they’re following, so go ahead and open up a little with these writing prompts.

unique blog writing prompts


  1. Write all about your middle name. If you don’t have one, make one up that you like.
  2. What was your birth order in your family and how do you think that’s affected you throughout your life?
  3. What is your first memory? Describe it in as much detail as you can.
  4. What is something you do/say/think to ground yourself or get out of a negative head space?
  5. Talk about one thing you try not to do, but always end up doing anyway.
  6. A favorite gift you’ve received or given.
  7. A quirk you have. Let’s get real.
  8. List out your family or close friend set (obviously you can use fake names), and 1 attribute about each one that you either love or are puzzled by.
  9. Your favorite thing to do just for yourself. Big or small.
  10. An event or something in your life that has seemed symbolic or more than coincidental.
  11. Your very favorite toy as a child and how that’s carried through to your adulthood.
  12. Compare 2 recent purchases, restaurant visits, or conversations.
  13. Write a letter to you as if you were your child/husband/mother/someone very close to you.
  14. List time! Write about 5 books that have left an indelible impression on you.
  15. What do/did your parents do for a living?
  16. Do you have any interest in traveling to Mars?
  17. Something you randomly want to get off your chest to the whole world, even if it has nothing to do with your business or what you usually write about.
  18. Write about a recurring dream or a particularly memorable dream you’ve had.
  19. What is your relationship with your body? Get vulnerable. How do you feel about your human vessel? (Sorry- had to call it that.)
  20. Do you believe in ghosts? This may be a short post for some people, lolol, but go for it anyway.
  21. Get all passionate and write from the heart about something you completely hate. Don’t worry about who is going to read it, or what anyone will say. Publish it. Even if it’s just published for a second and then you delete it, you will feel exhilarated.
  22. Did you go to college? Explain your feelings about this decision.
  23. It’s hard to be shocked by anything nowadays. Write about a moment where you were shocked by something.
  24. Are you a collector of things or a minimalist?
  25. Compare 2 of your roles: i.e. wife, mother, son, employee, boss, survivor of something, etc
  26. Are you still in touch with friends from your childhood?
  27. Talk about a quote or saying that you particularly love or hate.
  28. Write about your thumb. I’m not kidding. Okay, you can start off the post referencing your thumb, but thensee where that leads you.
  29. Past you/present you/future you – a blog post in 3 sections.
  30. Write a post or poem! about a favorite childhood toy.

And there you have it- if you use any or all of these, let me know! Hopefully they’ll help you hatch some new blogging ideas.

Here are my current favorite blogging resources, (and I’m very picky).



    • Jeanette
      09/06/2018 / 9:43 am

      Do me proud, girl. I’m actually really excited to see which ones you choose to use.

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