A Target Christmas Find For 2018

This time a year, like who knows WHAT you’ll find at Target. Besides your next round of flu, there are usually some amazing treasures tucked into every corner. And I’m not talking Target merch, either.

While waiting to pay for my stupid iced green tea at Starbucks, I looked over and spied this item:

hulk arm

I’m fairly certain it’s The Hulk’s arm, ripped clean from his body. SO many questions.

  • How did this come to be?
  • Did Mark Ruffalo feel it in his arm when this happened?
  • Can I glue it to another toy and give him super-strength?
  • Will it fit in nicely with my Christmas decorations?
  • Where, pray tell, is the rest of The Hulk?
  • Does this woman every vacuum?

I’d like to hear what you all have to say about this. I especially would like to go finish my homemade Chai Tea and wrap up this completely lame-ass post for the day.


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