About Me

This is my About Page in 2 parts: the top part is fluid, and will reflect what I am focusing on at any given time. I say fluid because, damn, do I flit about from topic to topic. But all of them are good! Everything I write about and share with you is something I am passionate about and fascinated by.

I am hoping this comes across less as my need to have public therapy, and more about my need to tell stories, share what I’m learning, and hopefully give you a moment of recognition or entertainment.

Right now I’m equally into trying to make people laugh as learning about (and practicing) self improvement. I think the common thread here is that both are rooted in positivity, right? We’re going for the endorphins, squad.

Here are the main categories of my blog, and you can click on a link to have a poke around. If you get lost, look up at the menu and you will see links to the categories up there, too.

Funny Stuff: Including my ongoing series of parodical Life Lessons.

Writing: I sometimes write about what’s on my mind, a random occurrence, or a traumatic event. IT’S ALL FAIR GAME. Watch out.

Blogging: Blogging is my true love. I want everyone to blog if they have even the slightest inkling to, so come read about the mysterious world of blogging, and I will share my tools and tricks learned since 2008.

Make Stuff: I like making art, food, and sweet, sweet love. I will tell you about the first 2.  

Discover Cool Stuff: I will feature people and things that I am blown away by. I ADORE researching, gathering, and organizing things that I love and sharing them with you all here

If my writing resonates with you, I would be thrilled and honored if you sign up for my maybe-weekly newsletter. Expect it early on Sunday mornings, so you’ll have to schedule your one night stands for Friday nights.

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PART 2/About Me:

Jeanette Nyberg

I currently live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband and 2 kids and dog. Always a dog. My step kids are off at college. College for me was art school: Rhode Island School of Design, and then I spent some years making and selling paintings at art fairs and galleries.

I love playing around with different art techniques, gazing slack-jawed at beautiful design, writing my heart out, and struggling to get organized. I have a problem with buying office supplies.

Here’s an exhaustive list of other things I love, because I also love lists:

Iced green tea, dogs, raspberries, illustration, chick peas, goats, grey, poppies, garnets, pens, slate, eggs, lizards, hair dye, The Bachelor, essential oils, Ellen Degeneres, hotels, grocery lists, notebooks, personified creatures in commercials, podcasts, yoga, salads, chocolate chip cookies, snorkeling, naps, reading, writing, funny tweets, turkey burgers, being alone, road trips, bourbon, street art, hiking, my bunions, art supplies, paper planners, sarcasm, skin care, pine trees, I will add to this as I see fit.

Now will you do something for me? Will you head over to my About You page and leave a comment. Write a phrase or a book, and let me know who you are. Anything you wish to share I’ll be happy to read. Go on, git.

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