Crows Are Actually Cool Little Buddies

Recently I learned that crows are super smart creatures. They are loud and demonic looking, aggressive, and HUGE, but their intelligence surpasses that of many other birds.

I grew up with this story in my mind of crows being “nasty creatures”, because my mom always called them that. I think it was because they bullied the precious little cute birds, and again, that blaring CAWWWWWWW sounds like that one crazy neighbor lady who screams at everyone if they look at her shaky dog the wrong way or cut across her lawn and no I didn’t steal your son’s bicycle out of your driveway when I was 13 so shut up your face you mean old cur.

Imagine my mind-jolt upon discovering some fun facts about crows:

  1. Crows can remember human faces. source
  2. They can use tools to score food. source
  3. Crows can speak French. Jk, lololol, oh boy.
  4. But actually, crows can have slightly different regional dialects. source
  5. Crows get totally wasted on ants. source

And have you heard the story about the young girl who has a fan club of crows? They leave her shiny little objects in return for the food she gives them. Read this short article and you’ll get chills.

After I read this, I obviously started saving sparkly bits so I can make friends with the crows and they won’t attack me. Hopefully the combo of these treasures and some fat, salty peanuts will net me a whole bunch offers to hang out in a hammock while all the neighborhood crows fly me around on a fun ride.

P.S. How many crows does it take to make up a murder? TELL ME.

Crow collagraph plate by Lisa Cheney

This project from Mrs. Crosbie is one of my favorite projects from my roundup of drawing ideas for kids.


I like to draw scribbly animals.

Last year, I drove around the corner, and scared one into dropping the newborn baby bird it had in its mouth so Beckett and I took a stick and moved the bird to under a tree and I told him it would get strong and fly away. I’m a lying liar.

Bird photobombs meteorologist from gifs

More crow tidbits:

Sometimes crows have sex with their dead.

Dreaming about crows: “Like theĀ polar bear, one of these corvids watching you or following you in your dream is a good omen of positive changes coming up in your life.” source

That’s all I got. This is such a random post, but you needed to share in my new hobby. I’ll let you know if any crows start leaving me presents.


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