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18 Small Heartwarming Acts You Can do to Connect With Your Fellow Humans

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I like the idea of not hating people, although I do struggle with it mightily from time to time. Essentially, I subscribe to the idea that we are all made up of energy, as is the earth and everything on it. We are all part of the same whole, and we are all interconnected. Humans are basically good and loving, generous and kind. We just happen to be a little off-course at the mo’ with the result being all sorts of mental and physical ailments. 

Mostly we can’t see that those are signs that we need to switch direction and examine just what it is that we believe and hold important. But enough of my absolutely brilliant insights. 

Here we go with severals and severals of ways we can spread a little cheer to our fellow mortals. These are really fun, and can give you the same dopamine hit you get while looking at the Tik Tok for people being caught in the act of doing something kind.

It’s all about love, my people. 

#1 Place a $5 bill or whatever you non-Americans use as money these days – somewhere to be discovered. It is so damn fun to find money, and $5 is enough to feel like a mini windfall.

#2 Look for things you like about people and complement them on what you see. The complement will be genuine, you will be looking for things you like about people, instead of things that annoy you, and it’s lovely to be on the receiving end of a compliment.

#3 Instead of paying for the person behind you’s Starbucks, which causes an endless chain of confusion for the already addle-brained baristas, slip a $5 or $10 Starbies gift card into someone’s bag. Extra points if you can do it without being accused of pickpocketing. Maybe just randomly hand the card to someone without saying a word. Or give them a big cheesy wink.

#4 Wear a shirt that states your love for humankind. This will probably maybe hopefully ? get at least one person you come across to stop and think for a moment. Best case scenario: your one small act changes the course of humanity for the better.

#5 Hold the damn door open for someone, or let them them walk into a store first instead of dashing in front of them. This is such a small act of politeness, but it goes FAR.

#6 Leave a funny little note on someone’s windshield. No, not written in lipstick. Here, print one of these out and distribute them as you see fit.

2 printable notes to leave for strangers: Have a pretty, pretty, pretty day and Hello! Have a good one, you awesome stranger

#7 Grab a cooler, fill it with ice and bottles of water, and distribute them to people that are somewhere broiling hot on a broiling hot day. Besides cooling your new friends down, you will most likely save someone from disintegrating from dehydration.

#8 Let someone copy off your paper in math class. 

Just kidding about that one. 

#9 Give someone you interact with on a regular basis a gift. To avoid having this act of generosity come across as awkward or creepy, make the gift something you have made several of for gifting purposes: candles, soap, pickled chicken feet, etc. OR something small and lovely that you buy several of: crystals, essential oil, a mini journal. You can even include a little note saying something like, “Today I’m giving people I appreciate a small token of gratitude. I’m glad I know you!” Or say this out loud to them.

#10 Courtesy of my son: Tell everyone you see with dogs that you like their dog. Better yet, just say this to everyone.

#11 Dress up in a beautiful princess costume and hang out in a somewhat crowded public park, reading children’s stories out loud. You are spreading the magic of books, creating a fun memory and photo ops, and giving parents a much-freaking-needed break for 10 minutes. Also, feel free to choose a different costume if you are a fella who doesn’t like dressing as a princess. But don’t let me make you feel like it would be wrong if you were a fella who likes dressing like a princess. Or if you identify as a fella but don’t want to dress like a princess and want to be someone else instead. Or you are a woman and feel like dressing as a princess would send a negative message to girl-type children. I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

#12 Dumb jokes: Print out some wholesome jokes and hang them around town. And/or just tell one in a crowded elevator.

#13 Secretly pay for a random family’s meal at a restaurant.

#14 Tell every kid you see that they are awesome as you walk past.

spray paint words on sidewalk that read: say hello to others

#15 Mow your neighbor’s lawn or shovel their sidewalk. Or repaint their front door. People love that.

#16 My grandfather and I wrote letters back and forth when I was a wee lad. On the outside of every envelope, I would write, Hi, mailman! (With a bubbly exclamation mark, of course). I’m damn glad that his mail carrier wasn’t a woman, but also his mailman told my grandfather how much he loved seeing this. Leave a little note of appreciation, or even just a “hello!” for your mail carrier, garbage people, drug dealer. Anyone who provides you with an appreciated service.

#17 Leave some quarters under a gumball machine.

#18 Bathroom mirrors in public places need messages on them. Write uplifting or funny little things on mirrors with: lipstick, Sharpie, eyeliner pencil, or just some sticky notes on up there so you can entertain the throngs post-pee.

P.S. If you do all of these in one day, I think you automatically become a saint.

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