I Have Guinea Pig Fever

Shit. I’m in the mad throes of a pre-Christmas animal obsession, and it’s all about Guinea Pigs.

Beckett spent an entire 2 days in the middle of his latest anxiety bout telling me how much he wants a Chihuahua, so I had to stay strong and steer him toward the path of maybe asking for a goldfish for Christmas.

We met somewhere in the middle with the idea of a Guinea Pig, and along the way I talked myself into thinking that this is the BEST IDEA EVER.

Here is my pros and cons list in re: to buying Guinea Pigs for him for Christmas.

pros and cons of buying guinea pigs

And then you see that there are people out there making homes like this for their Guinea Pigs:

Ikea DIY Guinea Pig home


guine pig love

How are you supposed to not want to boop this nose every day?



  1. 11/17/2018 / 8:43 am

    Hamsters are good too and take up less space. AND you can still make a house for them.
    I had two guinea pigs growing up and fell hard for them but allergies are REAL.
    Maybe we can shop for them when we live-blog.

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