Let’s Agree to Just Not Speak Anymore

I’m terrified to speak and doubly scared to share my opinions on social media.

Mostly on Facebook, a semi-regular occurrence is that someone will make a big show out of pointing out that they’ve taken extreme offense at words another person has written.

They will copy and paste, or screen-shot the phrase they dislike, sometimes even circle it angrily, and publicly call out the writer for offending them to their very core.

Then the shit show begins, fingers burnin’ up those keyboards all day long, people taking sides, so many emotions, name-calling, sarcasm.

Eventually when the tension reaches boiling point, the hilarious gifs start popping up. Popcorn-eaters are my personal favorites. These work wonders in easing a little bit of the bad juju happening (although I imagine they must infuriate the people who are PISSED.)

The very strangest part of these wars is that the person who initially wrote the offending sentence was 100% of the time not trying to cause a riff, and was simply trying to write in their own words, from the heart, based on their own feelings and experiences.

Never did they decide one day to pop online and drop the ‘N’ word, or call out all bottle-feeding moms for poisoning their children, then high tail it outta there laughing their virtual ass off at the commotion about to ensue.

Nor did they:

  • Publicly tell someone their viewpoint was wrong
  • Shame someone for a decision they made
  • Belittle, bully, poke fun at, or any other malicious act

And usually this person is a lovely, intelligent, helpful human being. Who is then shat all over.



Why? Why would someone feel the need to be so mean and reactive when any thinking person with common sense would know it wasn’t the person’s intention to cause hurt?

Come on, ladies. (I’ve never seen a dude do this, but feel free to get pissed at me for making this a woman thing.) Let’s loosen the grip from your pearls, let people write or say what they will, in their own voices, and save our accusatory rants for worthwhile causes. Here are some:

  • Politics
  • Health care in the U.S.
  • The education system in the U.S.
  • Why aren’t tampons free?
  • Global Warming
  • Sex trafficking
  • Bees

Shall I go on? Get riled up about these and see what good you can bring about in the world. Or read this:

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you


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