Make Your Own Alter Ego


Have you ever thought of creating an alter ego for yourself?

Back whenever I first heard that Beyonce had an alter ego and called her Sasha Fierce, I believe I rolled my eyes and muttered something unintelligible. But the idea stuck with me.

And lately I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit. That we can create a new persona to use instead of our own? Sounds so appealing, right? Just jump right into some other personality for a a while when your own isn’t cutting it.

All the thought work I’ve been doing lately has made me understand just how much our lives are created by, and directly reflect, what is going on inside our noggins. And we all know how protective and scared of everything our noggins can be.

Who Would You Be?

So what if you could flip a switch and be that alter ego whenever you want to be? In which situations would you put it to use? Where are you acting (or avoiding) in your life from a place of fear?

Write it down! Grab a piece of paper and pen and write it all out – what do you wear? How do you feel? What are your thoughts? How do you interact with people? What are your habits and actions?

Ironically, as I get older, I’m less fearful of many things that would have freaked my younger self out, but more scared of other things. For instance, I’ll chat up strangers in public left and right now, where my younger self would have barely made eye contact with anyone out in the world if I could help it.

As far as careers go, for the first time in all my life I have something I love doing (blogging), but I am really good at sabotaging it because of my overthinky, fear-based mind. For years I have been on this kick of rebranding, starting new blogs, not letting myself make decisions, burning myself out by trying to do too many things simultaneously, it goes on…

Why I Even Thought About This

I’ve been meeting (virtually) with a life coach, and I want to kiss her square on the forehead and send her puppies and many of the chocolates because she has helped me see what I’m doing and walked me through how to work on it.

I’ve also been listening to my teachers, people I’ve mentioned before: Jess Lively, Brooke Castillo, Abraham, and am finally starting to absorb what it means that we are completely creating our lives based on our thoughts and feelings. But I’m struggling like a mofo to get to the point where I can get out of the same thought loops that keep playing in my brain.

Yesterday I was listening to Jess coach someone on her podcast and the conversation resulted in me thinking about alter egos. Of course! This was the way to get out of my own head and into someone else’s. At least for a little bit each day, and my idea is that this will get my momentum and my positive energy heightened enough to send me trending in that direction permanently.

I think the hardest part of changing thought patterns is getting out of the old, habitual thoughts for long enough to get the ball rolling on the new you.

How I Will Use My Alter Ego

Honestly, I haven’t made a plan yet. I just thought of this, and with daily blogging, all the stuff is coming out in real time, so who the hell knows when and how I will use this. But I know I want to.

I know I want my alter ego to be confident, successful, grateful, fearless, focused. All the things I struggle with. (My younger self would have said more outgoing and social, but that is because my younger self was uncomfortable with being an introvert and my present self LOVES IT.)

So how do you muster up all of that? I think you actually just play make pretend. I think you get into your role like an actor, and Method Act the shit out of your life once in a while. That actually sounds fun, doesn’t it?

I mean, seriously, what do you have to lose?

I think a good way to start is to set an alarm every day at the same time and force your self to take just 2-3 minutes to take a deep breath, change into your virtual superhero costume, and become your alter ego. It’s going to come more easily the more we practice it, and then, oh my god, what if you actually start to feel more confident/fearless/whatever?

This is personal transformation at its most fun. I’m dying to hear what you think about this idea. Comments, please!

Have you tried meditating yet?

P.S. This is an awesome article I found about making your alter ego.

Make your own alter ego



  1. Cyndy R
    11/18/2018 / 1:03 pm

    I have thought about this many a time. From the idea of “acting” out as the person I want to be, to dressing up in a costume that hides all of me and then going around acting the way I strive to be. Now I’m at this stage where I am just tired and I want to just say fuck it and be who I’m comfortable with. Why am I trying to be someone who I obviously am not? Just so I’ll feel like I’m likable and acceptable? Do I even have it in me? Maybe this is it for me. Why do I focus so much on my negatives? Maybe I just have had shit luck in finding people who like me for me even with my overly-passionate, singing out loud the same line over and over, wanting to dance in the dark, screaming at injustice, cranky a lot because my HSP self is so overwhelmed? Who knows where I’ll go from here, but it’s food for my thoughts. Now I need a nap. 🙂

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