My Own Personal NanoBloMo

Blow me? What? No, I’m not being crude for once. But I am taking on a scary (for me) goal. I am going to write one blog post each day for the whole month of November.

Why am I doing such a thing? Many reasons:

  1. I don’t know if I can keep up with it and I need to push myself.
  2. I want to explore writing about more topics and this is a great way to jumpstart that.
  3. It’s so old-school blogging to post every day.
  4. It will get me into a great habit.

What is NanoBloMo?

This is something started by BlogHer years ago to get bloggers to write every day in November- to encourage you to explore new topics, commune with different bloggers, and generally refresh your blogging mojo.

It was adapted from the yearly NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, something I have zero desire to participate in, thank dogs, because I don’t need one more project I start and never finish, lolololz.

Why the Change?

So. Blogging has evolved in general and for me personally, by leaps and bounds, and some of those changes I mourn: I hate having my head so wrapped up in the ‘rules’ of running a successful blog. I miss the old days of cracking open the old laptop and typing out the most inane things I could think of, slapping up some photos, and pushing publish.

I welcome my ability to take better photos and create a more structured, interesting experience.

Just look at this gorgeous photo. I’m proud of this photo.

I hate feeling like I am a slave to 5 different social media channels, Google search results, weekly newsletters, finding my specific niche, my specific ‘avatar’, (audience member described down to what kind of underwear she prefers), site speed, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I love knowing that I can make my beloved blogs my career; my business.

I hate not exactly knowing how to do it, even though I know I possess the ability.

All this to say, I am going to write every day this month with crazed abandon, utter vulnerability, unfettered glee, and a big dose of completely immature humor.

After all, I don’t think I’m the only person who is tired of everyone online looking and sounding like clones, trying to sell us something, ANYTHING, and feeling a bit lacking.

The running theme I have been picking up lately in what I read and listen to (and I think running themes smack you in the face when you need to hear them most), is to BE. YOURSELF. Do not copy everyone/anyone out there. The world needs and craves each person’s unique voice and style.

I’m gonna run with this. My brain can so easily get overthinky and I need to give my brain a good bitch slap. Here’s another list of overthinky stuff:

I don’t give a flying f-bomb if people think my writing is self-indulgent. I like to write, and the people who like to read it will stick around.

I don’t give a fucking flying piece of corn if people don’t like my swearing. I like swearing, and I think it can fit in brilliantly during a good sentence or paragraph, or recurring dream. (Christian tells me that sometimes I whisper-scream “FUCK YOU” in my sleep.

Not every post has to be perfectly structured for the Googles, nor does it have to solve a huge problem for people. Sometimes solving a huge problem means that someone wants to read something stupid that makes them laugh.

Sometimes it means they start to follow me and learn about Law of Attraction and find it fascinating. This is precisely what I love about online-land. Boy have I learned a whole lotta stuff that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to in real-life-land.

Okay! Here goes. Come along on this 30 day ride with me if you dare.



  1. Cyndy R
    11/02/2018 / 10:29 am

    Yay! I’m looking forward to reading your dailies for November. I love your blog. I hate every other blog I’ve ever read or tried to read. Most bloggers drone on and on and on…”just get to the bloody recipe already lady!” I’m sure some folks like an 10 paragraph description of how they made it and what their family thought and how that butter is a special shade of yellow, but not me. I am not only entertained by your blog, but I laugh and I read about art and art stuff and your kids and dog, and I feel like I am reading a friend’s crazy musings, which is on my list of best things in this here life. So rock on! And the swearing is the icing on this delicious cake. Fuck shit goddamn motherfucking asshole bitch!

    • Jeanette
      11/02/2018 / 11:43 am

      Wow! I am so excited that you want to follow along reading my babbling- you’ll get an eyeball-full, that’s for sure. I know what you mean about the food bloggers who write too much- I end up scrolling past that stuff too, because I’m there for the damn recipe. Luckily I probably won’t post any recipes over the month unless they are for arsenic pudding. <3

  2. 11/04/2018 / 7:09 pm

    Wait, there are rules!?!?! Oh now I see, that is for successful blogs…phew! I am excited to read along!!

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