Our Perception of Reality is Wrong

Here is what I am struggling with mentally. Along with 20,000 other things, but this one is one I am sort of enjoying figuring out. Does that make sense? Some mental struggles are ridiculously painful and annoying, while others are more like puzzles.

This is a fun puzzle. I’ve mentioned my love for Jess Lively on this blog, and all of her fabulously mind-boggling and insightful thoughts on consciousness.

Today I drove out to see my Dad and sister, and it takes me an hour each way in the car. Time I cherish, because I get to binge on podcasts, and my mind can’t be distracted by doing anything except the one task of driving. Except for when I’m also texting and drinking my beer and eating Pringles and putting on makeup, obviously.

So little Miss Jess Lively is conducting lots of client coaching sessions now, during which she invites the coachee to let themselves learn to speak from their intuition. She will start the session off by asking them what they are mentally struggling with currently, and then over the course of about 2 hours she coaxes them into answering her questions from their gut (or heart – wherever they feel their intuition answering.)

Photo by Bart LaRue

It’s fascinating. Especially because when they do finally get out of their heads and into a place of answering from their intuition, their answers come in one-word blasts and feelings. You can hear in their voices when they let down their guard.

I have to admit, as into all of this stuff as I am, I resisted listening to these sessions at first, but now I can’t get enough. It was the idea of listening to her coach other people that sounded sort of boring and not applicable to me. But I’ve noticed this before, that when you do listen to other people being coached, you tend to answer the coaching questions in your own head as they pertain to you.

It’s kinda cool, because you almost feel like you’re right there being coached yourself. I’ll answer out loud sometimes when Jess asks her clients questions.

I also freaking love how vulnerable and honest these people are getting with sharing their lives on a podcast that gets zillions of downloads.

I get goosebumps and tears when people tap into ideas that make them feel better, and it simultaneously makes me want to be coached by her and be a coach. How amazing that would be to help people tap into their deepest, truest selves, when I think it’s something we ALL want to be able to get to!

Oh, so back to what  am struggling with. I’m struggling with my perception of reality.

Byron Katie, in another episode with Jess, said, “In the absence of our stories we are all free”. She means that all these stories we tell ourselves, and have been telling ourselves our whole lives, aren’t necessarily true. We have so many ideas of who we are, and what the world is, that we just take for granted because we believe so much of what we are told.

What if none of it is true? Okay, here’s an example. I believe in marriage and staying with the same person you are married to, as do a lot of people. We buy into that whole concept when we get married. We don’t usually marry someone thinking, well I can just pop out of this if it doesn’t work out. But that’s exactly what however many percent of us do. The belief that at first is so strong in our minds, for many of us turns to a completely different belief when we get to a point where the marriage isn’t working for whatever reason. 2 totally different stories, but they are both held with such conviction at different times by the same person.

Here’s another: people who are die-hard atheists and then go through a life-changing transformation of some sort to then not only believe in God, but make God a major part of their lives.

Isn’t this stuff trippy? How can we make such huge thought transformations? We JUST DECIDE to change our minds.

This is exactly what I am struggling with! I want so desperately to change some of my thought patterns. Specifically thoughts pertaining to money and career. I believe that I am holding myself back in terms of kicking ass in my blogging career and therefore my ability to make money.

(I’m getting all real with you guys now.)

I think and believe with all my heart that if I can change my thought patterns – my stories I keep telling myself in thought loops in my head – that I can get past limiting myself and make all this stuff an actual way to make real money.

And no, I’m not talking about in a sleazy way like I see so many bloggers doing. SO MANY. I want to do it being my genuine self, and I want to be the person that you all come to read because you can relate to me and feel something akin to positive feelings when you read my words and gaze upon my wretched drawings. Here’s one to break up the seriousness of this post:

So I’m struggling with the belief. I have the belief inside me. I know logically that I can do this, and I know in my gut that I can do this. But something is still not letting me fully let go of all the limiting stories I have going on onside my head. Maybe I’ll delve into my money past in another post.

Is this resonating at all with you all? Have I completely lost you? Apparently I was feeling the need to do a bit of rambling soul-searching, and take you along for the ride.

In any event, here’s what I wrote down in my cute little notebook from another of Jess’s client sessions that I am trying to reprogram my brain toward. Hopefully it will help you if you find yourself in the pit of overthinking life 🙂

Client: It feels so much lighter now to take the seriousness out of everything.

Jess: Cause it’s NOT serious! Only your perception of it makes it serious. All of this (life) is mostly empty space. This is like a hologram and we’re taking it so seriously!

P.S. Do you feel your intuition in your heart or your gut?



  1. 11/24/2018 / 11:25 am

    Oh Lordy does this resonate with me.
    Especially this paragraph.

    Byron Katie, in another episode with Jess, said, “In the absence of our stories we are all free”. She means that all these stories we tell ourselves and have been telling ourselves our whole lives aren’t necessarily true. We have so many ideas of who we are, and what the world is, that we just take for granted because we believe so much of what we are told.

    So much of what we believe is what we are told! This can apply to racism and the list goes on and on.

    We need to discuss this on our grocery trip.

    • Jeanette
      11/24/2018 / 2:36 pm

      Isn’t that fantastic!? The list really does go on and when you start paying attention to what those stories might be in your own head, it’s mind-blowing.

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