Crafts I hate and Craffs I loves

Let’s imbibe in some craft-bashing. I feel (a little) guilty, because I know all of these things were handmade by somebody, somewhere, so I am just going to assume these folks will never read my blog. Besides, I have tempered…

Farmer’s Secret Life

We arrived home the other day to find Farmer had lost or disposed of her collar. Anyone who co-habitates with a dog knows that this is a rather disturbing situation. The dog actually looks naked, and wild. You immediately panic…

Were you waiting for haiku thursday?

Yes, you were. Oh my god I’m old I just watched wheel of fortune and rolled up some yarn

Haiku Thursday!

Wheeeeeeee-hooooooo Look at Iron Chef I am so not a foodie Nasty fishy shit Bring it, nerds

It’s Haiku Thursday

Hot damn and here we go: Burping up my lunch It tastes even better now Onions and garlic Anyone care to take on the challenge?

How I Act Under Stress

I’ve been feeling guilty lately about not bringing in any money. When you work as a freelancer, the idea is to stash away money for the lean times. Also, it’s a good idea to try to get work at more…