Oh, So Tacky Christmas Gifts

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Are you yearning for the tackiest Christmas ever? I always am. Tacky is fun, and there’s certainly plenty of it out there to go around, so I thought I’d have fun with this gift guide and go on a tacky gift bender. (Updated for 2021).

Of course I had to throw in a few ugly Christmas sweaters, because they epitomize the tacky Christmas. But I also present to you: the tackiest, weirdest gifts I could find that are perfect for gag Christmas parties or your neighbor who already thinks you’re crazy.

You might secretly love some of these items, as I do.

Everybody needs a squirrel unicorn head feeder. Actually, I really do want one of these.

No, wait! Everyone really does need a standing bear t.p. holder. add a small Santa hat to Christmas it up a bit.

Oh, vomit. Or YUM! depending on how you feel about bacon. I know some people who would probably really enjoy using this stuff. Bacon Body Soap

Yes, yes, and yes. Red cup wine glasses would suit me perfectly; I’ve never met a glass I didn’t break. You’ll be happy to know these also come in beer stein and margarita shapes as well.

I used to rub my belly a lot when I was pregnant, so In know how soothing it is. Your friends will love you for buying this for them so they can self-soothe AND sport the latest fanny pack fashion.

Eeeeek! Watch out for the adorably maniacal laser kitty that Grandma will definitely race to hang in her bathroom right after she opens this fantastic gift from you.

I just threw one of these into my Amazon cart for my favorite person who loves fart jokes. (Besides myself.)

Q: What do pooping and golf have in common? A: Nothing, except this brilliantly tacky gift.

Your mom needs this Nicholas Cage mermaid pillow cover. (Here’s a pillow insert that will fit it.)

I hate these gnomes so much. Like, so much. Hate. If you love these gnomes, you won’t find this wine bottle cozy gift tacky, so I wholeheartedly apologize. For your tacky taste, ooh burn.

Oh my! BLUSH. I’m sure we all know someone who would love these glasses, though.

Good old Santa is vaxxed, masked, and ready to Christmas chillax. With his toy sack. Ha, I made you think of Santa’s sack.

The Special Ugly Christmas Sweater Section

I couldn’t decide which ugly Christmas sweaters to feature in this tacky Christmas gift post, so I opted to make a little gallery with several of my favorites.

More Tacky Christmas Gifts! More!

It’s fun to see Santa so happy mooning everyone. This ornament would make a superb tacky hostess gift.

These are the best. With a set of 3, you can tacky gift all of your friends. (Did I just burn you again? Oops.)

Another great ornament option – the classic Christmas toilet plunger.

Hooray for whomever invented beard ornaments! (I wonder if these would work with the Santa face mask??)

Resist the urge to buy cute, cozy Christmas socks, and buy these creepy animal paw socks instead.

What screams holiday season more than urinal shot glasses? Don’t forget to include the liquor…

lots o tacky christmas gift ideas in a collage, including ugly christmas sweater, urinal shotglasses, plastic cup wineglass, plunger ornament, santa beard face mask

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  1. I gotta get me that Bear Holding Toilet Paper. It would make my everyday to get my tp from a bear 🙂 lol

  2. Oh my goodness, these are tacky! You did not disappoint Jeanette! Thanks for always leaving me with a smile.

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