You Will Explode When You See These Color Combos

Oh my god, colors. Am I right?

Colors, colors, colors, colors, colors. And more colors. I loathe the question what is your favorite color and anyone who asks me that question gets a swift punch in the forehead. There’s no loving one color, people. There is only loving color groupings.

Okay maybe the Tiffany blue is gorgeous on its own, but that is the exception, and it’s spoken for, so buck up and accept the idea of colors as comrades.

Now, onto the color combos…

Brights Featuring Pink

My first image links to nothing on Pinterest, sadly. But it’s a beautiful, bright bit of crochet, eh?

Print & Pattern is a fantastic source of color and creative inspiration if you don’t know about it already. Regardez this textile fabulousness from Liz Payne.

Aeropagita Prints sells these really cool rain droppy patterns on Society6 items.


shades of blue

Sanctuary of Dom Bosco in Brazil

What looks like dyed rolled fabric by Nina Matthews Photography

Shades of blue all in this Ann Sacks tile pattern.

Ceramic pieces by Syra Gomez


grey stuff

Art Supply still life by Leslie Grow

Pebbles Art Print by Kelly Ventura

The perfect grey paint colors for your home according to Apartment Therapy

Extremely Pale Palespale colors

Gorgeous paper collage by Thomas Moglu

Lovely linen by Belinda Evans

Collage by Lisa Hochstein

Beautiful grey and pink photo via


Shades of turquoise!

Ooh la la wear the turquoise

Look how the little bit of blue sets off the turquoises in this painting by Tobias Tovera

From flora-file

All the Colors

color schemes

Bright bohemian rug textile

Embroidery art from Castle and Things

An envelope design by Lucy Mail on Instgram

This 2009 No Doubt poster is <3

Complementary Colors

complementary colors!

Hold onto your eyeballs, these complementary colors do crazy things!

Poppies by Rosalin on RedBubble

Front door via Elements of Style

Red and green from Thats Another Dory on Flickr

Alliums from Gardener’s Supply Company

Can’t get enough color either? Follow my¬†my pinboard, Pattern and Color.

More Color Combo resources:

Generate a color palette from an image at Colorfavs 

I uploaded this blurry photo of purple watercolors I had and it spit out the palette underneath:

purple color palette generated from an uploaded image

Oooooh this one came from Palette FX. I like it even more!

Color palette generated from uploading a jpg

And then there’s the Adobe site, that goes completely beyond my color comprehension, but is fun to play on sometimes. I plugged my site hex color in and got analogous colors to that. It’s a veritable feast for the eyes.

This site is for when you want to get baked out of your mind and sit and press the space bar for a few hours. It literally just generates random color palettes and you literally just keep sitting there, pressing, staring, drooling.

Colourlovers is like a social media group for people who want to make, share, and discover color palettes. It’s fun to poke around in the trends dropdown menu.

Speaking of fab color combos – check out my post on Monika Forsberg and bask in the delight that is her color genius.

color combos


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